Wednesday, March 29, 2006

This is the last post on this blog. (Yeah, right)

I have accomplished my mission. I have documented the building of a lightsabre. I have posted both a static HTML tutorial and a video version.

The most likely changes I will make to this is a link to an iPod-compatible .MP4 or an XviD or both of the tutorial. I might even put a PSP version up somewhere. I could see someone using a handheld to follow the steps (Generally, please! Please don't copy my sabres! You will be likely to be laughed at, considering how I've gotten the occasional person emailing me or posting in TheForce.Net about how my sabres are too thick!) during their own build process.

I might also do a short project which would modify two Shinai (Kendo fencing sticks) with lightsabre-like grips. However, I would likely create another page on GooglePages (I love me some GooglePages!) and put a tutorial on that up in a similar way. There might even be a movie again. That worked well.

By closing this blog out by the end of March, you will be able to peruse all the pages on a single big page.

So this is it. Thanks to all who have commented on this, for good or for ill. And thanks for joining me on this journey. May The Force (whatever it may be) be with you.

Michelle Klein-Hass, the Hardware Store Jedi.