Saturday, March 25, 2006

Main tutorial now available...

So, you thought you'd see my full-on Lightsabre Tutorial here on these pages, huh? Well, Google set me up with yet more of their non-evil stuff that doesn't suck...I decided to take advantage of it, and here we are.

Google Pages: Lightsabre Tutorial by the Hardware Store Jedi

Almost all of the pictures on this page were done as screenshots from the video I shot on March 13th. It's really odd when the screenshots look better than actual pictures taken by my digital camera.

The video is going up really soon, but I think I want to crush it down as DivX first. The QuickTime I saved was a high-quality file, and I didn't have time enough to re-render it as a lower quality QuickTime. However, I do have a DVD master! w00t! And it seems to play on every DVD player I throw it at. It was from the DVD that I took the screenshots.

Isn't technology FUN????