Friday, March 17, 2006

A little fabric Lagniappe from FIDM

I finally laundered the khaki cotton sateen fabric I got from the FIDM Scholarship Store. They charged me for 5 yards at $1/yard. A nice chunk of fabric for $5, I thought. When it came time to take the fabric out of the dryer I used a yardstick to help me fold. Richie was there to help, and he was indispensable for helping me get the twists out. I folded in yard increments. When I got to the 5 yard mark, it was obvious they had underestimated the length of the fabric big time. When I finally got to the end, there was 10 yards and change. Whoa momma.

Not only can I do the outer tunic with this, I can also do the Hakama. OMFG. This is so great. The fabric is looks nicer and even more Jedi-like after the laundering process, although it's not as shiny. It looks more like raw silk this way. Can I do those cargo pockets, though? This is the question. I promised Colleen I wouldn't slavishly copy her female Jedi look. So I came up with the idea of going really wild and putting pockets on the Hakama like a Utili-kilt. Here's what those look like:

And here's what the Kamishimo, the Hakama/Kataginu combo that is traditional Samurai wear, looks like:

Note that there is no pleating on the sides of a Hakama. A perfect place to put a cargo pocket or two, neh? Yeah, I know, Jedi don't wear pockets on their clothes. This is supposed to be a post-Battle of Endor Jedi outfit...the garb of a Jedi who survived the Empire and is helping to piece back together the Order. Practicality would win out over traditionalism every time. Instead of the fancy ties you see on the Hakama the way it is on the picture, I'm thinking of using webbing and D-ring cinches, or maybe the buckles they use for webbed belts. One set of straps go from the back to the front, the other from front to back, crossing in back, then fastened at the front.

I'm also going to put a fabric panel on the two open parts of the sides, because the inner tunic fabric is kind of porous in places. Once this is done and I take pictures of everything you'll see what I mean. It's nice fabric to use underneath something a bit more opaque, but not so good on the outside unless you are going for the "Jedi hoochie mama" effect. Or would that be more accurately "Sith hoochie mama?" Oh sith! ^_^

Anyway, there is a word used in Louisiana which means "throwing in something extra"...Lagniappe. I'm not sure the nice lady at FIDM meant to give me such a huge amount of extra fabric, but I'm quite grateful. Merci beaucoups, madame.