Sunday, March 05, 2006

Build delayed for a while...

Today I have stuff to do, (tm) and then the whole of next week will be not suitable for outdoor work. Winter came late to the Los Angeles area, and it is predicted we will have rain, rain and more rain for the next few days.

I have no problems going outside and taking shelter in the patio area of my apartment building for finishing up this task. However, I fear for the health of my camcorder, which I emphatically CANNOT replace if it gets damaged. I will be using the camcorder for both movies and stills of the build. I have seen people mickey-mouse rig an umbrella or a plastic bag shroud for camcorders for shooting in inclement weather, but that would make me nervous. And when you are nervous, you make mistakes. So, it looks like part of my Spring Break will be devoted to this build, weather permitting.

If there is a break in the weather, and my schedule permits, I will try for a build this week. If not, hopefully weather will be better during Spring Break.