Thursday, March 16, 2006

Costuming stuffs, and Obi-Shawn checks in.

OK, yesterday I spent some time doing some work on the costume that goes with these two sabres and the belt. The other Jedi-related workshop at Anime Los Angeles was a costuming workshop where we cut out our over-robe. There was a lovely (if cramped) handout from that event, and if I get permission I will eventually have the PDF for download. Until then, here's a very good link for over-robe info, right from the Rebel Legion: That will get you started.

My chibi sewing machine (It's now on sale for $64.88...w00t!) has served me well in this. I'm still a padawan learner when it comes to the arcanities of sewing machines though. I almost boned the entire project when I threaded the thread around wrong. Luckily my friend Lodrelhai has a mom who is an old hand at sewing and was able to set me straight. Everything went pretty swimmingly after that.

I will be catagorizing the links on the right-hand side of the blog to make them easier to deal with. Propmaking, costuming and official SW links will be in separate categories. I'll also have a "links to geeky friends" category, including one geeky acquaintance who got me going with all this. The changes will be up later today but I'm putting the links up now.

Obi-Shawn, said geeky aquaintance, emailed me yesterday and gave me the go-ahead to post the PDF from the Anime Los Angeles workshop. (Right click or option-click to save to disk) Unlike the v.1.1 flier I had from the workshop, this has two important addresses if you live in Los Angeles and want to do this project. One is accessible for everyone else in the country via the web: All Electronics in Van Nuys. The other is an aerospace surplus store in Burbank, Luky's Hardware. For those who don't want to download the PDF, Luky's is at this address: 3814 W. Burbank Blvd., Burbank. This may have been the source for the aluminum nurnies at the front of my sabres. I need to go there and scope it out. If I do, I hope to get some pix.

He's happy the sabres came out so well, too. Apparently he's been teaching this seminar to kids at cons, in a "Padawan Workshop," for the past 5 years. The Anime Los Angeles workshop was the first geared towards adults. So yeah, this project has a track record of being kid-friendly.

Oh yeah, I figured out the etymology of nurnie, with the help of Wikipedia. It's a Special Effects term that has crossed over into the crafter world, probably from costuming/cosplay geeks. Nurnies are decor that are not vital to the project but are there to make it look cooler than what the project would look like without it. Nurnie is related to greeble, which is the term that actually originated at ILM for the parts on models that "don't do anything but look cool." You might say that this whole project is an exercise in greebling with nurnies. There, I just added two more words to your vocabulary. There will be a test tomorrow. Come prepared. Bring a Scantron and number two pencil. (Just kidding!)