Monday, February 26, 2007

I'm official now!!! w00t!

My costume has been accepted as Formal/Canon (Huh? Thareen only exists in my imagination AFAIK! ^_^) by the Rebel Legion. I'm in! Black belt and all! I still want to explain that the belt was a trophy taken from a Sith wannabe. It seems to be Thareen's karma that she has to deal with darklings on the Rimward Frontier almost constantly. Most are weak and easily dealt with. Including ones with spiffy black belts and the right kind of holster clip for her sabres.

Anyway, I'm in, I'm official, and I am happy.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Bring me the video site that goes Ning!

OK, I'm officially sick and tired of YouTube's penchant for overreacting and pulling unrelated videos at the same time they crack down on copyrighted material.

So....I'm moving on. My video tutorials are now here:

Ning is actually pretty cool for a media site. Very versatile service. I think I'm going to like it there.

When the v2.0 tutorial goes up, it's going up at Ning, not at YouTube. So keep an eye peeled there.