Saturday, November 11, 2006

Photo Albums while you are waiting for the v2.0 video

It really does look like I won't have time to edit until semester break. Oh well.

To tide you over, here are some photo albums of mine I recently put up.

Service project: making costumes for patients at Children's Hospital, Hollywood, CA.

Appearance, TimeWarner Cable, Chatsworth, CA. I was there representing for Sunrider Base, Rebel Legion. The very tall and friendly Duke Baggett was representing for the 501st Legion. We had fun, and brightened up the days of a bunch of cooped-up telemarketers. I've done that gig, it's rough.

Appearance, 3rd St. Promenade, Santa Monica, CA. When the SoCal Rebels and 501st rolls, we roll like nobody else on the planet. The H-Wing, not one but TWO C3P0 units, a radio-controlled full-size R2D2, and lots of spirit, fun and imagination.

Field trip to Luky's! Luky's Hardware in Burbank is like going to Watto's second-hand spaceship parts store on Mos Espa, Tatooine. Only Luky and his colleagues are easier to take than Watto. Aerospace and airplane surplus and salvage parts. Lots of nurnies and greeblies for lightsabre projects and beyond. The riddle of the true identity of those aircraft aluminum parts on my lightsabres is not yet solved. However, the riddle of WHERE they came from has indeed been solved.

There is another place which deals in similar items, called Apex Electronics. They are in Sun Valley which is not very far from fact, Woodbury University is technically half in Sun Valley and half in Burbank. Guess which non-prestigious town known for junkyards Woodbury decided *not* to associate themselves with! Anyway, if you are visiting Los Angeles for Celebration IV, a trip to Luky's and Apex and All Electronics in Van Nuys is worth doing. Particularly if you are a crafty type like me.

Hope you like the pix!